The only important thing to know is this;  if a thought hurts, question it.

- Byron Katie

Alison Banks Life Coach

I am a practical and down to earth person. I am here to listen and help you with challenging issues, which we all have. As your coach I will help…

Open your eyes to what is really going on in your life. If you pick up a multi coloured ball you can only see the colours that are in front of your eyes and when you turn it round you find there are more. Coming to see me, you will learn more about what is going on and more about yourself.

I can help you develop depth to your emotional intelligence, which will really improve your ability to feel love, and stay centred when you feel anger or pain.

Teach about forgiveness and projection. Basic psychology but probably the most important for a happy peaceful life.

Find your purpose and learn how to feel fulfilled. “A goal without action is just a daydream…” Nathaniel Brandon. 

When are you going to do something about your head, your relationship, your business, your parenting, your happiness, your peace?  What exactly are you waiting for?

Come and talk to me and feel good about being you. Have love for yourself, your partner and your life.

Alison Banks
Heart Alison Banks Coaching
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Be in love with your life
Forgive others