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My story

Alison Banks Life Coach

I am a Mum of three lovely boys/men and have been married to my husband for over 30 years. Bringing up three boys and sharing my life with a partner for 30 years has been challenging and incredibly special and fun.

Soon after being married I realised for me to have the marriage work, to have the relationship and intimacy that I dreamed about, that I was going to need some help. So I found different teachers to mentor and teach me.

Then as the boys came along I realised I needed some help to be the parent I wanted to be.  The children were so smiley and happy and how did I keep that and teach them resilience and life skills. So again I continued training but now with an emphasis on parenting.

My life has been about living in this moment and creating a loving and happy family. There has been plenty of troubles and problems we have faced and will continue to face but we are a team and that and being happy being me, has brought me to more peace and happiness as I grow older.

So if you come to me as a client, be ready for challenge and change.

I recommend you book a minimum of 6 sessions. I aim to work short term with clients and for this to bring about a number of shifts in your life.

I can also work more long term with people when there is some fundamental changes or support needed. Also I may work long term with clients who wish to be in a place of evolution.

The more open and honest you are with me the quicker we can get to the root of issues and completely shift them from your mind.  I have not found anything that wont change if you are willing to have it change.


"What I love about Alison is her hugely intuitive approach. No matter how complex and stale the matter at hand is, she will find an opening through which she will channel change and healing. Depending on the individual circumstance, she is capable of delivering the right statement at the right moment- something so truthful and powerful that it will knock you out of your socks! She will help you look at the situation from a heightened perspective, and see a way out to more understanding, tolerance and love."

"I was blessed to find Alison initially looking for some parenting advice and  over time, her teachings truly changed the way I interact with my children. In fact, she started a process in me which thoroughly changed my family for the better. Lately, we came with my husband for a little relationship MOT and Alison is there to give great insight into the underlying issues that underpin our recent problems. And we are slowly starting to see positive results just by honestly addressing the issues we have ignored for years."
"Alison has the wonderful ability to strip away the shackles that hold us back from emotional honesty and by doing so, allows relationships (both personal and professional) to be looked at from a firmer and purer yet more loving perspective."