Our families are our best mirror. They are our greatest personal development opportunity. All we need is some willingness to have our lives be better. The great side product is happiness and joy.

- Alison Banks


I remember even when I was about to deliver our first son thinking this is mad I am about to have a baby! No one teaches us about how we should parent. Our gorgeous babies can be trying and difficult en route to becoming the next generation. I feel strongly that if we had more support and care as the parents, we could do an even better job. This in turn would create a much happier planet as our children grow up accoutable, trustworthy, resiliant and at peace with themselves.

Like everything in my life when I felt like a rubbish mum I went off and trained in parenting and now I can share what I have learnt with you.


"I joined the Parenting group, or Parenting Circle as I like to call it, with the objective of improving my relationship with my son Vinnie who is almost 5 now. He had a difficult birth, difficulties breast-feeding and I never felt like we bonded that well. I often used to lose my temper with Vinnie, shouting and sometimes even slapping him. My lack of control worried me as I realised that my own son was becoming scarred of me.

With Alison's intuitive method of couching and with the support of my fellow parents I began to unwrap layers of emotional baggage, which was causing automatic, negative responses to everyday situations. In the process realised that my own children are my biggest teachers and that they offer me the best opportunity to grow into a better mother, better person. The effects of this emotional healing have been close to a miracle; I am having so much more fun with my kids now! I am also much more patient with them and, myself. In fact my whole life has changed. I feel like I have been returned to life, to love, to friendship, to happiness. I feel very blessed being part of this and would encourage everyone to do it too. You won't look back!"