Every relationship can be a learning journey, bringing love and happiness.  What is your mind choosing?

- Alison Banks

Relationship Coaching

I couldn’t understand why what I wanted from my marriage and how it actually was, was so different.  I thought I was doing it all ‘right’.  So why did I not feel close and happy with my husband all the time?  Why was I resentful and angry?  Why was I feeling so separated and unsupported!  At that time in our partnership a gap had appeared and I certainly didn’t know how to mend it. 

This led me to ask for help thankfully and that help brought my marriage and love for my husband back and then helped me with my relationships with my family, friends and myself.  It has brought me fun and gratitude.

I have spent the last 25 years learning different techniques and methodologies from CBT to working with feelings, all of which have brought me to who I am now.  By working with me you get to learn whichever methods will best support your change.  If your focus is connection with others and you want more of it, then I can help you.

From working with me you can expect a wider broadband width of love, with your partner, family and friends.


“Alison has been a life- line to me throughout my crazy journey trying to juggle being a wife, mother and business woman, navigating many difficult decisions' and the impact of these on my business and my family. Alison has always been compassionate and caring but firm when required. She has helped me rationalise my feelings and the impact of my behaviour on others, making me a stronger and more confident person as a result. Alison is intuitive and caring, with a genuine desire to help others  - I am not sure where I would be right now if I hadn’t had her wonderful guidance. "