I find that when we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works.

- Louise Hay

You, and how you feel about yourself

How is your relationship with yourself and your body? 
Do you have a parrot on your shoulder criticising you all the time? 
Do you judge yourself harshly?

When I first read in a book by Louise Hay where she suggested I love myself I was nearly sick and certainly outraged. It was so far away from where I was at that time.

‘No one who thinks ‘I should love myself’ knows what love is. Love is what we are already. So, to think that you should love yourself when you don’t is pure delusion.  Isn’t the turnaround truer?  'I shouldn’t love myself.'  How you do you know that you shouldn’t love yourself?’  You don’t! That’s it, for now. The truth is no respecter of spiritual concepts. 'I should love myself' - ugh, on what planet?  Love is not a doing. There is nothing you have to do. And when you question your mind, you can see that the only thing that keeps you from being love is a stressful thought. Katie Byron.

I went on to accepting myself, learning about taking care of myself and knowing who I am, knowing my value and being authentic because ‘I am enough’. 

It has given me confidence and the trust to know that everything is and will be alright. I welcome the process of life as it unfolds, to bring ease and success. I look for where I can forgive others and myself so I don’t lead a life of blame and attack. A great secret I didn’t know is that, forgiveness is for your own peace not for the person you are in a fight with. 

This, of course, didn’t happen over night. For me firstly it meant getting past my denial and then my self -hatred. Also looking at the times I felt crushed, and guilty about all the mistakes I felt I had made. 

Acceptance, letting go, and forgiveness, gave way to gratitude, happiness and ultimately peace of mind.

With all this learning I know I have developed a true spiritual connection and a mindfulness attitude to my life.

Oneness and our connection, sits beautifully with the more regular psychology of projection, accountability and building relationships. So when you commit to working with me, we are always working together, learning and reframing but also bolstering our spiritual connection too.


"Alison works in a very deep and gentle way. I find when I work with her that she roots out the issue, and supported by her I get to a place of such clarity and fun.  A great port of call when I need help."